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Join a global group of pioneers to explore how narrative and media is helping work towards peaceful prosperous living.

OCT 26-31

Worldwide Locations

Associated Events

Film screenings, discussions and workshops taking place across the globe

OCT 31

UN Foundation


Leadership in media and creating inspiring, engaging content


GW University


A celebration and exploration of transformational media





Join a gathering of people from all around the world passionate about how storytelling and media can help us create peaceful prosperous lifestyles.

Engage with leaders, pioneers and innovators in film, photography, journalism, music, new technology, business, economics, creativity, health and well-being.


Experience how media created with intelligence, clarity and vision is helping us find solutions to our social, environmental and economic challenges.

Discover new perspectives from businesses finding sustainable solutions to life.

Connect with deep thinkers, visionaries and doers seeking ways to join the dots between personal well-being and global peace and prosperity.

Hear about innovatives such as collaborative creativity and practical solutions leveraging the power of technology and communications to improve lives.

Explore transformational stories and media as speakers and participants share insight into achieving our highest potential both as individuals and collectively.



Transformational Media 2014 brings together a group of inspiring thinkers, visionaries, creatives and doers from across the world. Their short descriptions here hardly do justice to the energy, wisdom, passion, and creativity that they bring collectively.

Kendall Ciesemier

Founder, Kids Caring for Kids

Kendall is Georgetown senior studying sociology, journalism and theology. Nine years ago she founded Kids Caring 4 Kids, to empower young people to help provide basic human needs to children living in sub-Saharan Africa. Her ambition is to be a storyteller, hosting a docu-series that tells stories of the world’s most vulnerable. She has been honoured as one of Youth Service America’s “Top 25 Most Powerful and Influential Young People in the World”.

Dan Harris

News Anchor, ABC News

Award-winning News Anchor Dan Harris has covered wars and presidential campaigns, but by far his most challenging assignment involved something much more personal: taming the voice in his head. His new book, 10% Happier tells his story of an accidental odyssey, to discover life-changing self-help that actually works.

Georgia Arnold

Executive Director, MTV Staying Alive Foundation

An outspoken advocate for the sexual and reproductive health of young people, Georgia heads up Viacom’s international social responsibility programme, and is the Executive Producer of the award-winning TV show Shuga. Since 1998, she has harnessed the power of the MTV brand to raise awareness of HIV. Capitalising on MTV's youth appeal, she has also launched pioneering mass-media behaviour-change campaigns in Kenya and Nigeria to improve sexual and reproductive health.

Aaron Sherinian

Vice President of Communications & PR, UN Foundation

Aaron has led the Foundation’s PR, media relations, strategic outreach, and online presence since 2009 helping build some of the most talked about milestones in digital global engagement for causes and UN issues. This includes the Social Good Summit, #GivingTuesday, and Rio+Social, managing an award-winning team who believe that innovative communications can help change the world.

Aric Noboa

President, Discovery Learning Alliance

Aric Noboa is responsible for the vision, growth, and management of Discovery Learning Alliance, a nonprofit organization using the power of media to transform education and improve lives for tens of millions of people in underserved communities around the world.

John D Trybus

Strategic Communications, The British Embassy

John is a communications strategist focused on accelerating social innovation across sectors. At the British Embassy in DC, he works to advance the special relationship between the UK and US through public diplomacy. He began his career as the personal PR advisor to Dr. Jane Goodall, traveling with her on a perpetual 300-day-per-year global advocacy tour.

Emmanuel Itier

Independent film maker

Emmanuel is an experienced feature film producer. In 2012 he completed the peace documetary The Invocation featuring Desmind Tutu, The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and many other peace activists. Last year he worked with Sharon Stone to produce FEMME, an inspiring documentary about women healing the world.

Jude Hanan

Social Media, World Bank

Jude Hanan is a Senior Social Media and Emerging Tools Strategist at the World Bank. Before joining the Bank, Jude worked for the UK’s Cabinet Office as a senior policy advisor (ICT Futures) and a number of international organizations including the OECD, Commonwealth Secretariat, and New Zealand’s e-gov program.

Gilles Vanderpooten

Managing Editor, Reporters D'Espoirs

Gilles has created several initiatives related to a sustainable world, including the French film festival of environment and sustainability and Indibio, the institute of biodiversity together with explorer Jerome Pasteur. He has also written an international best seller Get Involved! together with Stephane Hessel.

Sean Dagan Wood

Editor, Positive News

Sean is the Editor of Positive News in the UK, the worlds first newspaper focused on positive stories. Sean believes that by reporting on achievements, possibilities and how people are creating solutions to the challenges facing the world, the media can inspire and empower humanity to catalyse its full potential.

Melissa Hillebrenner

Director, Girl Up

Melissa is Director of Girl Up an innovative UN campaign that mobilizes the general public to raise funds and awareness for UN programs that serve adolescent girls growing up in developing countries. Through Girl Up’s support, these girls will have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders


The summit is designed with plenty of opportunity to interact and mingle. Upon registering you will be asked to submit a short bio to be shared with participants so as to enable you to identify people you may like to connect with at the summit.

Cathrine Gyldensted

Journalist & Investigative Reporter

Cathrine has 12 years experience in news as a journalist, covering US politics, and investigative reporting in TV & Radio for Danish Broadcasting. She recently completed a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently working to innovate news reporting through relevant Positive Psychology research and constructs with colleagues in the USA, Denmark & Canada.

Maite Baron

Transformational Leadership Coach

Maite works at the intersection of entrepreneurship, creating social change and personal development. She brings passion, values and purpose into people’s lives, through speaking, leadership coaching and consultancy.

Jeremy Wickremer

Founder, Transformational Media Summit

Jeremy's passion is understanding how the human mind works to help us achieve our full potential. He also believes that when we share and collaborate we can bring our greatest stories for a better world into reality.




October 26th - November 2nd
We are inviting individuals and organisations from across the globe to host their own events themed oround transformational media in the week leading up to the Washington summit on November 1st. These events may consist of film screenings, discussions, practical workshops, peformances, dinners or networking events. If you have an idea for an event and would like to run it in associateion with the TM Summit please get in touch. We will support you with marketing your event and reaching out to Transformational Media Initiative members that may be able to help with organisation.


10:00am - 5:00pm
The workshop consists of an opening plenary, followed by three sessions:

The Economics of Happiness: The Missing Link in Transformational Leadership – A highly interactive and thought-provoking workshop designed to ‘liberate the corporate soul’ from out-dated work paradigms by bringing passion, purpose and values back to work. Understand how, by embracing the Economics of Happiness, you can, as a visionary leader, create mindful and authentic transformation that generates positive change at an organizational and societal level while increasing profits and maximizing your own and others potential. Session led by Maite Baron.

Constructive Journalism: Reporting the whole story. Covering problems and symptoms and also solutions and opportunities. Solutions journalism and the journalism of attachment.

Storytelling: Creating stories with the power to transform. The art and techniques of developing depth and richness to plot and character development. Understanding the connection between the inner journey of the character and the outer action in a script.

Participants of the workshop will receive a certificate from the UN mandated UPEACE Centre for Executive Education.


10:00am - 6:00pm
The summit consists of short film screenings, animations, plenary talks from experts, and panel discussions. There will be planty of time to interact with other participants and also be involved in lively discussions. For speaker details please see SPEAKERS section above.

Themes include:

- Web 2.0 and new technology
- Constructive journalism
- Well-being, and fulfilling our individual & collective potential
- Transformational music and film
- Collaborative creativity and design thinking
- Sustainable business and sustainable living
- Social impact investing
- Citizen and collaborative journalism
- Documentary filmmaking
- Mindful Media: understanding the impact of media on our beliefs, psyche and health
- The Big Picture: Integrated Solutions to our scoial, environmental and economic challenges

There will be plenty of time to network and meet other participants, with an hour for a tasty lunch and a drinks reception in the evening.



Transformational Media 2014 is a gathering of individuals passionate about the role media plays in our lives, and the power for good it has.

We expect that with the themes covered there will be a wide range of interests and organisations represented at the event.
To attend this year's event please click on the REGISTER button below to book through the Eventbrite page (register before September 21st for early bird discount).

Workshop - Oct 31
$150 | $200
Summit - Nov 1
$150 | $200
Both days
$300 | $375
Summit video / DVD (1st only)*

*You can choose to download the video or have a DVD posted to you folllowing the summit.


Partial bursaries are available on application for students and NGOs. To reserve your place at Transformational Media 2014 please click on the link below.




As the greatest stories and visionary messages brought by societies deep thinkers and compassionate spirits through the ages, transformational media explores questions concerning our nature and the nature of the world we live in.

Transformational media aims to seek truth, find solutions, and express ideas and perspectives in a way that informs, inspires and empowers people.

At its essence transformational media also draws together the relationship between the state of our own consciousness and the state of the world. It is transformational in the sense that its goal is to transform disharmony into balance or peace, to unite rather than divide, and transform destructive behaviour into living in harmony with ourselves, each other and with the natural world.

By striving to maximise our potential as individuals, and supporting others to do so too, we will maximise our potential as a global community.

The inner qualities and values which are the foundation to create transformational media.

The external qualities of transformational media content.


Transformational Media 2014 is a gathering of individuals passionate about the role media plays in our lives, and the power for good it has.

The inaugural event in London in 2012 was attended by passionate people from across the academic, public, corporate and third sectors.
The summit is organised by the Transformational Media Initiative, a global network of media professionals and changemakers working to create media that serves humanity and the planet.

If you have any questions about the event please speak to Jeremy Wickremer, the event Director who can be reached on the details below:

Telephone: US: (202) 407-9815



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